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Emma. 18. German. I am petite and addicted to green tea. Whoufflepuff. Jenna-Louise Coleman is my spirit animal. Obsessed with Disney Princesses and fairytales in general. Will be moving to London soon. I'm happy to get to know you!
  • make me choose: anon asked swarkles season 5 or swarkles season 8?

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  • ouat cast + my favorite photoshoot 

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Emma Watson at “Noah” UK Premiere on March, 31

    Emma Watson at “Noah” UK Premiere on March, 31

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    This is one of my favorite Doctor Who moments, by far.

    I want to point out, despite my problems with Moffat: hey look a gay character who is portrayed as a normal well-adjusted badass dude who believes in his relationship enough to sass his president and quit his job over it, even in a time when that was not cool. None of us had any idea this guy was gay until he said he was in love with a dude (a black dude even, I hope we get to meet him later on—I’m only halfway through S6 so don’t spoil it for me) because shockingly, usually the only way you can tell people are gay is if they a. tell you they are gay or b. are in a relationship with a person of the same gender. 


    Canton is a badass motherfucker.

    He was the best minor character of season 6.

    Is that….is that Crowley from Supernatural or am I losing my mind?

    It’s Crowley with an American accent

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    The rare moment when YouTube comments go right.

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    Colors for a   P r i n c e s s 

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    i solve my problems by blatantly ignoring them and going on the internet

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  • pundorica:

    I want to see how many people actually like Moffat rather than hate him

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    Next week’s episode 3.19 “A Curious Thing” will finally reveal the importance of Emma’s new sibling, as we’ll also be meeting ‘the Good Witch Glinda (Sunny Mabrey), while in the present day Zelena loses patience with Killian Jones (Colin O’Donoghue) and goes after Henry



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  • farflunghopesanddreams:

    I guess the Doctor and Clara didn’t get the memo that casual friends don’t:

    touch each other’s face every chance they get

    constantly hold hands

    kiss one another on the corner of the mouth 

    have no personal space when they’re in the same room

    have wide-eyed stares that last for five minutes

    secret flirty smiles

    refer to each other as ‘my’

    give each other motorbikes 

    ask for cocktails on the moon

    and bone-crushingly tight hugs 

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